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Wenger EvoWood Swiss Army Knives

Wenger EvoWood Swiss Army knives – “Grown In Switzerland”:

Innovative new “EvoWood” products from the makers of the Genuine Swiss Army knife.

  • Unique one off designs made with high quality sustainable Swiss grown materials
  • A direct product statement of Wenger’s continued pursuit of innovation

The legendary Wenger Swiss Army knife has been given a unique twist with the creation of a new range of premium ‘EvoWood’ wooden knives.

Wenger EvoWood Swiss Army Knives

Wenger EvoWood Swiss Army Knives

Using the same high quality blades and tools seen on other Wenger knives, each EvoWood knife is an original piece of functional art, with distinctive handles made from Swiss Walnut.

Wenger CEO Peter Hug said: “As an outdoor company and a member of the Association for Conservation, Wenger is committed to protecting  the environment. These new products, which are ‘grown’ in Switzerland, demonstrate the innovative ways in which we can approach production to help conservation”.

“The handles for each of these pocket knives are constructed from sustainable top quality walnut wood using what would otherwise be waste material from other production processes. Customers who purchase one of these new products will not only get a top quality Wenger knife but also one that makes a clear statement of their own respect for the environment.”

The EvoWood range, which offers three different pocket knives with popular tool configurations, uses Wenger’s new signature Evolution design with concave and convex handles. The natural walnut, which is durable for light outdoor use, is coloured in a rich dark stain to create individual shades and grain patterns in each knife, making every product a one off. This is the latest line in the growing Evolution series created by Wenger in 2005, more than 100 years after the original Swiss Army knife design. The ergonomic curves of the Evolution design increase performance, safety and efficiency by improving grip and is now known as the ‘new shape of Swiss Army knives.’

Wenger’s commitment to the environment extends  beyond products and working practices and Hug added: “Our support for conservation reaches around the world, from our home in Switzerland to the remote region of Southern Chile where our title partnership of the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race helps to protect one of the world’s most important ecosystems.”

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