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Top 10 Engraved Gifts for Father's Day

Top 10 Engraved Gifts For Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner (it’s June 18th in case you forgot!) it’s time to find the perfect gift for the old man. This year ditch the socks and get him a gift that’s a little more practical and personal. Something he’ll love and use every day. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 piece of kit Dad can use all year round, all available to be engraved with your personal message for a special Father’s Day.

Make It Personal: Laser Engraving from £2.99

Make your gift truly unique and add a special engraved message. Our skilled staff use state-of-the-art laser engraving machinery to make a perfect, striking and everlasting finish. For full details and font options, please click here.

Check out our Swiss-Store engraving gallery here.


Victorinox EvoWood 10 Walnut Swiss Army Knife – £37.99

1421784501-44359900Something a little different than your typical Swiss Army Knife! The EvoWood 10 is constructed from top quality natural walnut, a divine finish for the Dads who like their tools to look pristine.

Six different tools give the EvoWood 10 a bit more of a punch than similarly sized pocket-knives. The walnut wood used in the handle is made from what would otherwise be waste material. Definitely the eco-friendly tool! The wood is strong, resistant and coloured in a rich stain making each knife unique. The perfect canvas for a bold, burly engraving.

Find out more about the EvoWood 10 at




Classic SD Swiss Army Knife – £15.99

1365098817-34655800-2The perfect Swiss Army Knife to start Dad’s collection? The Classic SD features a non-locking, carry legal under 3″ knife blade. This means Dad can clip it to his keychain and take it to work everyday.

Feature a nail file/screwdriver, scissors, toothpick and tweezers this is a versatile little tool that packs a lot into a miniature design.

Sometimes a simple design is the most effective, and looks even better with a personalised message just for Dad along the handle or blade.

Find out more about the Classic SD at




Felco 5 Professional Pruning Shears – £26.69

1494422141-13552200For Dads that love spending their weekends in the garden, a pair of Felco Pruning Shears is the ideal gift. Crafted with Swiss precision, Felco Shears are spring loaded and feature high quality hardened steel blades sure to keep Dad’s prize plants looking perfect for years to come.

Recognised as the best gardening tools by horticulturalists, professional growers and discerning gardeners around the world, every Felco is subject to more than 100 quality control processes to ensure a quality gardening experience for everyone, especially Dad!

Find out more about Felco at



LED Lenser P5E LED Flashlight – £32.95

1430408825-36549400Remember that expensive bracelet you bought Dad that he wore once? Don’t make the same mistake again, get him something he’ll use daily.

Dad won’t know just how much he needed a pocket torch until he gets his hands on the P5E. With a beam distance of up to 75m the P5E brightens up those early morning dog walks and cuts the panic out of power cuts. You can even have his phone number engraved onto the side incase he drops it.

Running off one AA battery and keychain attachable, carrying the P5E won’t give Dad any headaches, it’ll help him avoid them!

Find out more about the P5E at




Victorinox SwissCard Pocket Tool – £24.99

1365098834-64488900-2Even the clumsiest of Dad’s can’t lose this one! The SwissCard is designed to fit snugly into wallet card slots, guaranteed to be the lightest tool he’ll ever own!

The simple, intuitive layout of the SwissCard makes all 10 functions easily accessible on the go. The tool selection on this wallet tool offers a solution to every little problem bound to trip Dad up throughout the day, including a small fixed blade for letter opening, a ballpoint pen and miniature scissors for on the go grooming.

A beautifully finished engraving on the blade makes it an even more crucial addition to the wallet.

Find out more about the SwissCards at



Victorinox GolfTool Pocket Tool – £39.99

1365098826-92374900-2Looking for a gift on par with his favourite ever? The GolfTool is perfect for all Golfing Dads, no matter how good he (thinks he) is.

Watch him show off to his friends as he lines up a shot with his engraved GolfTool. With a Ballmarker, Tee Punch and a repair tool to name but a few of the features, he’ll see his score improve in no time.

Now all that’s left is to find a tool to help with his cheating…

Find out more about the GolfTool at





Orbitkey Premium Leather Keyring – £24.95

orb1443457870-73916400-3Is Dad always complaining about his rattling keys? Or is his unorganised keychain giving him a headache? The Orbitkey is the solution.

The Orbitkey‘s patented locking mechanism will keep all of Dad’s keys silent and in one place on a strong leather key fob. No more mad rush in the morning looking for them! Say goodbye to jangling joggers and rackety runners, now Dad can complete his morning route without the house key jabbing his leg.

Available in a range of different colours, styles and available for engraving on the leather, this gift is as stylish as it is practical.

Find out more about the Orbitkey at



Leatherman Squirt PS4 – £44.95

sq1365096255-88378300-3Father’s Day may be Dad’s day to relax, but the Leatherman Squirt PS4 is sure to get working on those odd jobs he’s been putting off.

Fitted with 9 tools including scissors, pliers and a screwdriver, he’ll have all his favourites from his regular multi-tool on his keychain! Dad’s got no excuses now!

Engrave it with a memorable message so he’s always thinking of you when he’s working and you’re all set, Father’s Day is done for another year and your DIY Dad couldn’t be happier!

Find out more about the Squirt at




Victorinox EvoWood 14 Swiss Army Knife – £47.99

1421786501-35667200-3Like the immaculate finish of the EvoWood 10 but think it doesn’t have enough tools for Dad? Then the EvoWood 14 is just what you’re looking for.

A stainless steel blade, scissors, two screwdrivers and more all encased in a beautifully made walnut wood handle that looks even better with a Father’s Day message!

With a handle specifically carved for a smoother grip, the EvoWood 14 makes for a comfortable everyday tool and a faultless little Father’s Day gift.

Find out more about the EvoWood 14 at




Victorinox SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife – £63.99

sc1365098830-31518400-4Some Dads think they can do everything, so why not give him the tool that can!

This is the knife that has it all; with 8 layers and 33 functions, including a chisel and scraper, 5 different screwdrivers and a ballpoint pen. No job is too big or too small! Whether your Dad’s into sawing or sewing, the SwissChamp has the tool for him and is ready to become his prized possession.

The tool to go for if you’re really looking to spoil Dad this year.

Find out more about the SwissChamp at

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