Victorinox Releases New Colourful Mini Tools

Victorinox Releases New Colourful Mini Tools 

Victorinox has released its new brightly coloured mini tools, providing a new opportunity to personalise the iconic Swiss Army Knife. These colourful multi-tools all have a unique feature and functionality, as well as being different colours. It has never been easier to switch up the functions of your Swiss Army Knives, as well as adding some much-needed colour and creativity.

‘The new Mini Tools are useful, compact, and colourful. To have them at hand when needed, they are easily housed in the corkscrew of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knives from 84 mm to 111 mm. Four different versions and colours are available. The grey, slotted Mini Tool helps to repair glasses and sunglasses, the green Philips 000 and the blue Trox T4 are designed for compact electronic applications and the red Mini Tool consists of a pin for the easy exchange of SIM cards.’

These miniature tools are perfect for taking with you on-the-go and helping in a variety of situations. The mini tools help get the job done in record time, whilst also maintaining their practicality as a result of their small size. Choose one mini tool, or why not collect them all? Available in a set of four, all of these mini tools have different functions, making it a great idea to add all of them to your everyday carry essentials.

This is a step in a new direction for Victorinox as they try to remain innovative and create useful tools, perfect for making everyday activities that little bit easier. With customers longing for customisation options, these new colourful mini tools are an exciting new addition to the Victorinox range.

The Victorinox Mini Tools are 100% Swiss-made and are available on our website. Victorinox guarantees all knives and tools to be of first-class stainless steel. Each item has a lifetime guarantee against any defects in material and workmanship.