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Project Pod – 1 Year Update

In February 2016 we announced our collaboration with the brilliant Pod Charity. Our aim was to provide 2,200 meals a month to children studying in less financially supported schools throughout Nepal. In the past year, with the help of our donations, Pod have helped immensely to improve the lives of these students. Prabhat School is one of the five Nepalese schools receiving funding for daily meals from the Outdoor365 Group. Our … Continue reading

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Project Pod – Mid-Year Update!

Earlier this year we announced a collaboration with our good friends Pod Charity. Since February we have donated 2,200 meals every month to Children in five different locations across Nepal, including schools, children’s homes and care centres. Pod Charity and their placement volunteers in Nepal have kindly kept us updated with how our donations – made possible by you! – are improving the health … Continue reading

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Top 10 Engraved Gifts For Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner (it’s June 18th in case you forgot!) it’s time to find the perfect gift for the old man. This year ditch the socks and get him a gift that’s a little more practical and personal. Something he’ll love and use every day. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 piece of kit Dad … Continue reading

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Top 10 Engraved Gifts for Father's Day

Wenger EvoWood Swiss Army Knives

Wenger EvoWood Swiss Army knives – “Grown In Switzerland”: Innovative new “EvoWood” products from the makers of the Genuine Swiss Army knife. Unique one off designs made with high quality sustainable Swiss grown materials A direct product statement of Wenger’s continued pursuit of innovation The legendary Wenger Swiss Army knife has been given a unique twist with the creation of a new range … Continue reading

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The Wenger Knife: 117 Years of Continuous Improvement

Where does Wenger’s inspiration come from? Firstly, Wenger doesn’t just make knives and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Wenger is operated by outdoor enthusiasts. Each member of staff brings their own, personal outdoor experiences to the product development process. Secondly, Wenger relies on professional outdoorsmen and women who have become an invaluable source of inspiration. Global adventurer Mike Horn, Swiss speed … Continue reading

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Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife: A Collector’s Item

The Wenger Giant Swiss Army knife has earned the distinction of “most multifunctional penknife” by Guinness World Records.  Representing over 100 years of innovation and featuring every implement produced by Wenger, maker of the genuine Swiss Army knife, the Giant Swiss Army knife contains 87 tools that perform more than 140 different functions. Having started as a novelty, the collector’s … Continue reading

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Wenger Nomad LED Compass Watch: Always Remain On Course

Conceived for the modern nomad, the active outdoor enthusiast who’s always on the move from one place to another, via urban and/or remote natural environments, the Wenger Nomad LED Compass watch, is a design forward, multifunction Swiss made sport timepiece, which offers various analog and digital functions. Always remain on course, thanks to the Wenger Nomad LED’s digital compass function, … Continue reading

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